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    Judo Complain!

    Post by bone_guy on Sun Aug 11, 2013 1:34 am

    Hello, from Brazil!

    I have been training Judo for 1 year. I started in a very good club, there the coach was not only very experienced, but also an excellent teacher. He was a very technic and demanding. For beginner, usually he would make them train only Ukemi (a lot) and basic throws while correcting them. Only after two months he would let them start doing randoris.

    The club was frequented by great number of athletes and common to see them bringing medals from big championships (state and national) to the club. Even so, those guys were very humble and attentive with beginners.

    The class generally was: 30 minutes of warm up, 30 minutes of uchikomi and 30 minutes of randori. In uchikomi, the sensei (or other coach) would be always correcting the pairs. In randori, those guys could really throw you with very clean and lightning fast throws.

    Unfortunately, I had to move and I am unable to train there now.

    Then I found this other club using the NGB of my country. Went there for an experimental class after 3 months of no judo. Stepped in the mat, did the warm up. Now, things got complicated...

    The sensei started the uchikomi and... left. His only instruction was "Do twenty each". To make things worse, I was paired with a white belt, that never trainned judo before (so, we both would make some bad movements). No one said which throws to do or tried to correct us. I tried to teach the guy some throws ('cause no one would)... But I have only one year of judo in my belt and I should not be the one doing this!!!Mad 

    Then the sensei returned and we did the randori. The guys there... Were kind of rough. They white belt never returned... And I don't blame him.

    Next class, was my turn. The class went the same way the last class went. But this time I was paired with a purple belt who though he had something to prove. He was doing an osoto-gari entangling the leg. I know this is dangerous, but I am a white belt, so I didn't say anything. And no one did.
    And in randori with him, guess what this guy did? Yes, leg entangling. There went my ankle.

    I asked the sensei to leave because of the pain. I left to never return. Evil or Very Mad 

    What leave me more sad is that this club is listed in my country's NGB site. No wonder Judo is difficult to find here outside the biggest privates sports centers (something you guys don't have in UK, right?). Think, how many beginners did quit because of this club? Or clubs like this? Many friends of mine that did Judo stopped because of the same motives! There should be a way to control the instruction quality of those clubs!
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    Re: Judo Complain!

    Post by Cichorei Kano on Sun Aug 11, 2013 2:16 am

    Where are Loudenvier and Fred when you need them ?! Smile  They'll be able to provide insights on the local situation.

    I can only say that I am very sorry to hear about your misfortune. Please don't let this experience discourage you from continuing to practice judo in a healthy and safe way.


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    Re: Judo Complain!

    Post by seatea on Sun Aug 11, 2013 2:52 am

    You could get in touch with this clubs governing body and tell them about your concerns. I doubt anything will come of it mind.

    Keep looking for another club. Ask your former teachers/training partners if they know anyone in your current area they can put you in touch with, ask around on various message boards that are martial arts related, or at least have a martial arts section (here, Bullshido, Reddit etc). Look/ask on Facebook as well.

    And of course there is Google, but I am astonished at how many judo clubs don't have their own website (or at best a very horrible site).

    If all else fails try finding a Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu school.

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    Re: Judo Complain!

    Post by Foepsie on Sun Aug 11, 2013 4:37 am

    I hope you're not going to quit entirely. I'm sure there must be a club more suited for you out there.
    And I must agree that any club whose senseis just walk away without instructing is quite irresponsible.
    Best of luck

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    Re: Judo Complain!

    Post by Stacey on Sun Aug 11, 2013 7:55 am

    I'm in agreement with SeaTea. Hope your injury isn't bad and heals quickly and completely.

    Then, find another club. Talking with your old sensei can put you looking in the right direction.

    Judo's great fun and wonderful exercise, but that doesn't mean everybody out there should be teaching or playing judo. You stumbled into one of those clubs that do more to harm judo than anything else possibly could.

    Don't go back to this club. What's most important in a club is that you feel safe. If people aren't getting instruction, you're being paired with somebody with less experience than you, and the sensei leaves - nobody's safe. Walk away while you can still walk.

    And, yes, I'd do BJJ in a safe club before going back to where you were hurt.

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    Re: Judo Complain!

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