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    I got my Brown Belt 1st kyu

    Cichorei Kano
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    Re: I got my Brown Belt 1st kyu

    Post by Cichorei Kano on Fri Feb 07, 2014 4:41 am

    DougNZ wrote:
    Cichorei Kano wrote:
    Ben Reinhardt wrote:

    From CK's personal collection, no less !

    How else did you guys want me to rework Kôdôkan goshinjutsu in a way appropriate to defend oneself to modern weapons ?

    "There is no need to import into jûdô goshinjutsu which is not jûdô goshinjutsu. I can assure you that I have a decent breadth of jûdô technical material and I have never found any need to find out such ridiculous goshinjutsu. I also assure you that none of my students, nor most people in jûdô use that goshinjutsu, and I have never in Japan heard it being used either. "

    I was informed a number of years ago at the Kôdôkan that there were thoughts and had been discussions about creating a "Shin-Kôdôkan goshinjutsu", as it was realized that even though in 1955 the techniques were considered 'contemporary' for Japan, there has been considerable evolution. I did at the time not receive specifics, and have not heard anything heard about it since. In fact, it seems the idea has pretty much been buried. The status of these exercises remains somewhat precarious, and often misunderstood, as from one side it is so that there are no kata in jûdô since Kanô approved the last one (1928). From the other side, there are two sets of exercises that have been created after Kanô's passing and which aren't really understood as "kata" by most Japanese sensei, but as methods. So any eventual "Shin-Kôdôkan goshinjutsu" would be one of these "methods" rather than a kata in classical sense. So, the analogy isn't quite correct. I did not make up any new terminology for existing jûdô terminology. In case, a "Shin-Kôdôkan goshinjutsu" would be created, it woud likely not be called that way. This is clearly merely a temporary description, just like Kôdôkan goshinjutsu for some time during its development was referred to by some in Japan as "Shin-kime-no-kata".

    In case the original quote offended or irritated you, simply substitute me by someone who is knowledgeable in jûdô beyond any doubt, Daigo Toshirô. The point then simply is, that for anyone in jûdô to use terminology that Daigo Toshirô-sensei would have no clue what it is, is fairly absurd.


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    Re: I got my Brown Belt 1st kyu

    Post by DougNZ on Fri Feb 07, 2014 6:50 am

    Cichorei Kano wrote:
    In case the original quote offended or irritated you ...

    Just poking fun at you, CK. Naughty, I know. I wasn't offended at all.

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