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    Kanô-shihan Bozen-sai (Cemetary Memorial Celebration), May 2, 2014

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    Kanô-shihan Bozen-sai (Cemetary Memorial Celebration), May 2, 2014

    Post by Cichorei Kano on Sun Jun 01, 2014 8:16 am

    Like every year, recently the Bozen-sai 墓前祭 [memorial celebration] to Kanô-shihan's grave took place. Pictures from this year's visit are now available on the Kôdôkan website:

    Kano Memorial Celebration

    The main picture shows a majority of Kôdôkan senior and other teaching staff. We note a frail looking Kanô Yukimitsu, kanchô-emeritus, flanked by Uemure Haruki-kanchô to his left, and a weary-looking Abe Ichirô-sensei, 10th dan, in one of the first published pictures after the recent passing of his wife. Abe-sensei is currently 91.5 years old. We also see other senior staff in the front line, such as Matsushita Saburô, 9th dan, third from right, Matsumura Shigeya, 8th dan for the past 19 years, 89 years old and still a yearly participant in the Kôdôkan high-dan rank shiai, front line 4th from left, Ônozawa Kôshi, 8th dan, from Waseda known for his Kôdôkan goshinjutsu expertise, and several others; very few females present this year; only 2.


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