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    Japanese advanced-level ninja knowledge exams held

    Cichorei Kano

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    Japanese advanced-level ninja knowledge exams held

    Post by Cichorei Kano on Thu Jul 17, 2014 4:15 am


    Meanwhile a new authoritative ninja text book has been released:

    Publisher Kasamashoin has released “Ninja no Kyokasho” (The Ninja Textbook), a volume filled with the history and art of ninja. The book was compiled under the supervision of Yamada Yûji at Mie University, a top ninja researcher.


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    Re: Japanese advanced-level ninja knowledge exams held

    Post by DougNZ on Thu Jul 17, 2014 9:58 am

    At the risk of being assassinated ...

    After living through the ninjutsu 'boom' of the 1980s, I was told recently that ninja were a relatively modern phenomenon with an invented history, etc, mainly for marketing purposes. Does anyone know how authentic ninja are in Japan's past?

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