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    Judo federation moves against visa racketeers

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    Judo federation moves against visa racketeers

    Post by Cichorei Kano on Tue Jul 22, 2014 6:33 am

    TO ensure that fraudulent elements, who capitalize on international sporting events to engage in visa racketeering no longer have their way, the Nigeria Judo Federation (NJF) has put in place a strategy that would uncover the ploys of such miscreants.

    The NJF said at the weekend that it has uncovered the ploy of some people to use NJF’s document to process visa for non-judokas, a development capable of bringing the image of the country into disrepute.

    Reacting to the development in Ibadan at the weekend, NJF President, Dr. Musa Oshodi, said the embassy of Kazakhstan recently forwarded an application sent by one Ibrahim Aminu to them for visa application for Judokas that want to go to the country for a training tour.

    “The consular of Kazakhstan recently wrote me to ascertain the authenticity of a visa application presented to them on behalf of NJF and I wrote back to state that we don’t have any Ibrahim Aminu working for the federation and we do not even have any training programme in Kazakhstan, moreover none of the names they sent to us for clarification belonged to a judoka.

    “This is not the first time we are experiencing this; a case like this was part of what we discovered from a former secretary of the federation, who forwarded some fictitious names of Judokas for a tournament in Southern Cross, Western Australia to the former President for approval, and the federation do not have any knowledge of such tournament, while 80 percent athletes listed by the former scribe were not Judoka.

    “We are not going to take issues of visa racketeering with kid gloves because it involves the image of the nation and that of NJF, and that was part of reasons we asked for the redeployment that secretary from National Sports Commission after we discovered his connivance with the former President of the Federation to perpetrate this dastardly act,” Oshodi noted.

    (From The Guardian, Nigeria)


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