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    Failed assassination attempt today!



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    Re: Failed assassination attempt today!

    Post by medo on Thu Jan 24, 2013 6:39 pm

    judoratt wrote:
    medo wrote:
    I am not trying to be flippant sorry it came across that way. Would this happen in seattle? No the man with the gun could have been shot the threat would never be thought of being harmless. If he was subdued and the polititions started beating him on film every one would have been sued and the criminal would eventualy be rich if he ever got out of jail. The assalt of this crimnal is not legal or politicaly correct, but in the end was he realy serriously hurt? And do you belive he did not deserve this?

    BTW I was expecting a response on this thanks for the debate. Surprised:o

    Mob mentality to me shown here, is worse than the crime, so no I do not think he deserved the beating.

    He was relieved of the so called weapon and two guys had him down and controlled the others decided to take there anger/frustration out on him.

    If they are capable of this when they become angry, do you think they might just be capable of beating their wife's, there kids??

    Jail the lot even the old man with his walking stick I say............

    Sorry we do not agree but I kenw I would be in the minority on this, As I said if this happened in the US every person that kicked him would be in serious trouble. What realy suprises me is the way that some dismiss the fact that this gentelman pointed a gun at his head and pulled the trigger. In the US where we almost have one gun for every person we take crimes like this seriously and this guy would go away for quite a long time. ShockedShocked[/quote]

    Ok I suppose if you are brought up in a eye for an eye community then it becomes the norm.

    I agree that matters would be very different in the US as stated someone would have had a gun and shot him and some anyone innocent standing close would probably got a stray bullet or two, everyone would panic and more injuries.

    The gypsy community in the UK here settle disputes by fighting.... Cultural thing I suppose.


    Posts : 276
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    Re: Failed assassination attempt today!

    Post by medo on Fri Mar 15, 2013 7:18 am

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