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    Is this judo or MMA? https://youtu.be/PcGB6Dw57dg



    Was this a deliberate foul?

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    Steve Leadbeater
    Steve Leadbeater

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    Re: Is this judo or MMA? https://youtu.be/PcGB6Dw57dg

    Post by Steve Leadbeater on Thu Feb 19, 2015 10:05 am

    Take a copy of the rules and regulations along with the video to a Police station.......................
    Assault in sport is still assault !!

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    Re: Is this judo or MMA? https://youtu.be/PcGB6Dw57dg

    Post by Davaro on Thu Feb 19, 2015 5:40 pm

    Looks to me like an intentional strike that was handled badly first by the referee who may be inexperienced (one cant expect IJF A refs in such a division) and then by the NGB

    What I would have done is this:

    I would have taken the footage to the coach or head of dojo where my child trains, have HIM tactfully approach the coach of the other kid (not shouting justice and lynching as this is after all very young kids that were mismatched in the first place) and show him the footage. Perhaps just asking him to have a chat to the other kid and his parents showing that what he did was caught on film and perhaps just to educate him.

    It may VERY well be that this was accidental. ONLY the kid that was on top would really know and everyone, including you as the father of the child that was struck can only have an opinion...

    I believe it would be wrong to escalate this to all and sundry (such as official complaints procedures, police or whatever) and the most important thing to do is simply to get a message over to the other kid and his coach and parents who obviously will side with him, that his actions, even on the remote chance that it was accidental, should never be repeated. Yes, I am aware that it is the principle of the matter that is at stake here but ultimately, education for all, especially the 2 players involved, should be more important.

    I dont think your kid will be scarred for life by this incident, emotionally or otherwise but lets say this DOES escalate to what some have suggested, we could have a 10 year old that WILL be scarred for life for what is, essentially a "playground incident"

    Just my 0.02c worth...

    (Please note that my opinion is also that it probably was intentional before attacking me on this)

    Dew wrote:
    We could have a poll - but if the majority vote for "Judo roly poly" its going to ignite fascist dictatorlike tendencies lurking within me.


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    Re: Is this judo or MMA? https://youtu.be/PcGB6Dw57dg

    Post by BillC on Thu Feb 19, 2015 6:22 pm

    Goodness, I am going to agree with Davaro ... I hope he doesn't lose his temper and punch me.

    Handling this locally and through the sensei with a calm demeanor is indeed better. The "victim" does not really benefit from a big deal being made, and the "perp" will only become a bigger bully as adults rally to his defense.

    Said another way, if the Dad (and it is probably a Dad) and coach of the junior MMA aspirant are reasonable people they would have already gone out of their way to apologize ... at least if they were given room to do so. If they are compensating microphallic nitwits then no amount of protest or punishment is going to have an impact anyway.

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    Re: Is this judo or MMA? https://youtu.be/PcGB6Dw57dg

    Post by finarashi on Fri Feb 20, 2015 4:29 am

    BillC wrote:..... compensating microphallic nitwits ....
    JudoForum improves you....

    ... even professors make mistakes!

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    Re: Is this judo or MMA? https://youtu.be/PcGB6Dw57dg

    Post by Davaro on Fri Feb 20, 2015 6:03 am

    BillC wrote:Goodness, I am going to agree with Davaro

    Dont you usually Shocked

    Hahaha Microphalic indeed.... lol!

    Dew wrote:
    We could have a poll - but if the majority vote for "Judo roly poly" its going to ignite fascist dictatorlike tendencies lurking within me.


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    Re: Is this judo or MMA? https://youtu.be/PcGB6Dw57dg

    Post by inkpen on Fri Feb 20, 2015 3:48 pm

    I am quite content to forego the restorative justice. An apology to my son means little now 9 months later. I am happy for this matter to be a salutary life lesson  for my son - that justice does not always materialize, and people often let us down. That is life.

    I was actually just about to let this matter go, and move on, back in September 20 14. At this point  Judo Federation Australia Inc. , through their National Secretary, sent me an email in which they tried to intimidate & silence me. I will never  bow to intimidatory tactics.

    My campaign is now focused on highlighting poor governance and unethical practices and behaviour on the part of JFA.

    Their refusal to investigate allegations against some  of their administrators is symptomatic of their strategy when confronted by a complainant. They invariably try to silence criticism and avoid scrutiny. They act only when forced to-when public pressure becomes too great.

    JFA's  condoning of this act of violence in sport and their subsequent handling of my pursuit of an explanation is but a minor issue.
    However,  it is just 1 of many incidents of poor governance, scandals and cover-ups. The following are just 3 examples:-
    1. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=i1AgcFH3A3o
    2. www.ausjudo.com.au/News/Complaint Hearing Tribunal
    3 .Recently reports have circulated of another scandal involving a JFA official. This individual, was coach to a judo team on tour. Whilst intoxicated he sexually harassed team members. For legal reasons he cannot yet be named.

    Perhaps naively I believe it is necessary that someone makes a stand against an entrenched culture of unethical behaviour and practices, including a decided lack of transparency and accountability, by some within Judo Federation Australia Inc. (JFA).

    These are bringing the sport of judo in Australia into disrepute. Further they betray the rank and file judo players who strive to live up to the founding principles as espoused by  Dr. Jigoro Kano of integrity, fair play, and honesty.

    The Australian Sports Commission (ASC) who monitor, advise and fund National Sports Organizations (NSO's) such as judo appear disinterested. They are either unwilling or powerless to rein in such NSO's. Why do the ASC not make  their financial support to NSO's conditional on sound ethical practices and behaviour?

    ”All that is necessary for evil to flourish is for good men to do nothing".

    In answer to jkw:- my son feels betrayed by some he once looked up to. He started judo at Marrara Judo Club before switching to the only other club here in Darwin. In 3 subsequent tournaments convened at Marrara Stadium by Marrara JC my son has been the victim of unfair treatment. This New Judo Move is the 3rd of these incidents. He often asks me, "Dad why did they allow that kid to punch me in the face? Why do they protect him?"

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    Re: Is this judo or MMA? https://youtu.be/PcGB6Dw57dg

    Post by Ricebale on Mon Feb 23, 2015 10:24 am

    If I were reffing the match I would have called matte and disqualified the boy striking for the good of his own development.

    In so far as the ages, no issue with the younglings wrestling Judo without submissions and under strict care rules.

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    Re: Is this judo or MMA? https://youtu.be/PcGB6Dw57dg

    Post by Jacob3 on Tue Feb 24, 2015 6:08 am

    Well, I have watched it about 20 times now, and tbh I cannot come to the same conclusion as most here.
    When I look at the slowmotions, I cannot see a closed fist at any point. He starts open hand and ends open hand on the collar. So if he intentionally hit him, he did it with open hand and also extremely fluently transfers to gripping. And since this is a 10-year-old boy, I can come up with 2 possilities:

    1: he is well trained in 'tricks to win', like hitting and immediately and fluently transferring to gripping. Possible, but that needs very perticular training. And yes, there are schools that promote this kind of behaviour, but I cannot imagine him already being that good at it, at his age, regaring the fluent transfer. On the other hand, I also cannot imagine any trainer wanting to promote such a blow in plain sight, likely being disqualified for it.

    2: It is a genuine accident. He lifts his hand high up, possibly because uke lifts his left leg up, which tori is trying to overcome in an instance. Lateron ukes right knee and left arm go under tori's arm and might have deflected it towards his face, whilst aiming for his collar. That part is hard to see, since uke's head is in the way.

    Since tori stops already before the referee calls matte, it seems to me that he is surprised himself about what happened. Otherwise he would probably have just continued. So I am going to go with the verdict of the committee. It seems an accident to me.

    However, the result remains the same. Your son got hurt, which was not a positive experience.
    Personally I am not a competitionfan myself, so I cannot / will not comment on the match itself. I do have many experiences with kids who compete(d) though, and I would like to give you 2 things to consider.

    At first I often see parents and trainers tell their kids/students that they lost a match for whatever reason, but never their own performance. It is always the referee or the other kid. I see kids like that develop to notoir 'victims', instead of people who try to develop themselves to become better at competition. Those kids often start lacking enthousiasm and especially pleasure for competition and Judo as a whole, very soon. I would like to advise you not to make a big fuss out of this towards your son. Accidents happen, and he needs to learn to deal with that if he wants to keep competing.
    I also doubt, as others already did, if it is a good idea to have a 10 year old compete with a seven year old. That seems to be a huge difference in development.

    Secondly if the main thing you are trying to accomplish here, is to have the 10-year-old realise that you think he did something that he should not have done, I don't think you are taking it up the correct road. You seem to know who he is and where he trains. Just send the clip to his trainer and/or parents and tell them that you wonder what happened here. Let them talk to the boy and have him explain. Likely he will not admit that he did it on purpose if he did, but at least you will give everyone around him a chance to point out to him that what happend was not supposed to happen. And also that it has now been noted and that he is being watched. If such a thing will happen again with the same kid in the near future, people will start noticing his behaviour.
    This will have much more effect than what you have done so far. No official committee will condamn a referee of their own, if the evidence is not 100% clear, and it is not. That is just how politics work. And that is just what it is often. Also, the boy and his surroundings will now feel backed up instead of criticised. Also, if you are trying to find an anonimous crowd on Youtube to back you up and to 'open the eyes of the committee', I fear that you will shoot yourself in the foot. Chances are that it will turn against you and that you ( your son ) will be handled negatively over this in competitions in the future. And if this is a case of principle for you, I would say 'go for it', but please realise that the outcome will probably not be what you whish it will be.

    Just my 2 cents here.

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    Re: Is this judo or MMA? https://youtu.be/PcGB6Dw57dg

    Post by Glorfindel on Thu Mar 05, 2015 12:12 am

    Look like an over protective daddy here... I dont think that will be benefical to your son at all...

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    Re: Is this judo or MMA? https://youtu.be/PcGB6Dw57dg

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