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    Go no sen no kata other name for Nage Ura no kata


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    Go no sen no kata other name for Nage Ura no kata

    Post by noboru on Mon Mar 09, 2015 2:45 am

    On the page 33 (chapter 2: Outline of judo kata , Non-Kodokan Kata) in  book Judo Formal Techniques from Otaki, Draeger.

    Different practices and uses for kata have been established by judoists outside of the Kodokan, through the majority of these versions hinge on the unchanged fundamental Principle of Kodokan Judo. These kata can be reffered to as private variation patterns. Included here are those which have been developed by qualified Judo teachers; some of these teachers are Kodokan men. Because these kata have definite qualities and characterics meaningful within the realm of Judo, they are most certainly worthy of preservation and use. Perhaps the best-known example is the Nage Ura no kata (known also as Go-no-Sen no Kata), or "Forms of Counterthrowing", originally designed and developed by the legendary Kyuzo Mifune, a late tenth-dan master-teacher of the Kodokan. Other Go-no-sen no Kata exist, however, and have sound training value; judoists should make every effort to become familiar with them and thereby add to their Judo knowledge. It is not within the scope of this book, however, to deal technically with them.

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    Re: Go no sen no kata other name for Nage Ura no kata

    Post by Jonesy on Mon Mar 09, 2015 4:05 am

    This is a mistake. Even great people make them.


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