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    How can I get more file size for posting info?

    Jerry Hays

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    How can I get more file size for posting info?

    Post by Jerry Hays on Thu Apr 09, 2015 1:36 pm


    I attend three judo events in the US:

    San Jose Buddhist Sensei Memorial Tournament - over 700 judokas.
    California State Judo, Inc. State Championships - over 500 judokas.
    Junior US Open, in Florida - over 500 judokas.

    Personnel that run those events have asked, in the past, that I post information on their events and the results of those events.

    Since I do not have a webpage, I use this forum. However, when I attempt to attach a file, it says that I am out of file space.

    I know this forum is free.

    What if anything can be done to increase my file size for attaching files? If there is a charge, how much money for how many GB of files?


    Jerry Hays
    Santee (San Diego) California.

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