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    Honoring your teacher

    Post by finarashi on Sat May 02, 2015 1:50 am

    One of the greatest compliments one can get is that your students comiple a book of your Judo. There are several notable Judoka honored this way. In Finland young Japanese student at local Tampere University Tetsui Sato started teaching Judo at local club in 1971. He was 25 years old at the time. He managed to teach e.g. Seppo Myllylä - one of the adversaries of Niel Adams.

    Now the students funded a publication of Tetsui Sato's Judo in Finnish;

    “Minun Judoni” by Sato, Tetsuji, assisted by Ruotsalainen, Seppojuhani; Hagman, Harri; Heino, Jukka; Tervo, Ari, Nurmijärvi, Finland, Harri Hagman, 2015, 160p, PB, ISBN13 9789529352821

    Interestingly enough the three sections are titled
    I what Judo is
    II Laws of physics in Judo
    III Philosophy of Judo

    A very interesting book; What is the difference in wrestling and Judo? In wrestling one tries to win by points. In Judo one tries to win By Ippon!

    ... even professors make mistakes!

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