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    Results 2015 World Judo Kata Championships - Amsterdam

    Cichorei Kano
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    Results 2015 World Judo Kata Championships - Amsterdam

    Post by Cichorei Kano on Sun Sep 20, 2015 3:01 am

    Japan has won gold medals in all five kata categories on the first and second day of the 2015 World Judo Kata Championships in Amsterdam:

      Nage no kata    

    1.   Michito Sakamoto/Takayuki Yokoyama        JPN 443
    2.   Iulian Surla/Aurelian Fleiz                           ROU 421
    3.   Jean Philippe Gilon/Nicola Gilon                  BEL 407

      Katame no kata    

    1.   Satoshi Nakayama/Seiji Hayashi                JPN 439
    2.   Juan Pedro Goicoechandia/Roberto Villar   ESP 405
    3.   Andrea Fregnan/Stefano Moregolo            ITA 405

     Jū no kata    

    1.   Megumi Shirano/Hikaru Shimano                 JPN 433
    2.   Wolfgang Dax Romswinkel/Ursula Loosen  GER 414
    3.   Alina Zaharia/Alina Cheru                            ROU 407

     Kime no kata    

    1.   Kenji Takeishi/Kōji Uematsu                         JPN 560
    2.   Abdolyahab Bardigarmaroudi/Seyedyashar Rouhollahzadey       IRI 540
    3.   Michel Jeuffroy/Laurent Jeuffroy                  FRA 524

     Kōdōkan goshinjutsu    

    1.   Hideki Miyamoto/Masaki Watanabe               JPN 585
    2.   JUbaldo Volpi/Maurizio Calderini                    ITA 577
    3.   Donghan Kim/Jaesung Seo                               KOR 568

    Full results available via the following link:

    All results

    IJF report day 1:

    IJF report day 1

    IJF report day 2:

    IJF report day 2

    Congratulations to all winners, participants, officials and organizers !

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    Re: Results 2015 World Judo Kata Championships - Amsterdam

    Post by cokiee on Tue Sep 22, 2015 3:14 am

    Congratulations to all! (though it can't be good for the development of the sport that Japan wins it all again - And I don't mean to say they don't deserve it or with malice).

    On a side note, good to see you, CK Sensei!

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