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    Katame-waza ura-no-kata 固め技裏の形


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    Katame-waza ura-no-kata 固め技裏の形

    Post by NBK on Mon Feb 22, 2016 4:46 am

    A Wiki entry I hadn't noticed before.   It sources partly from de Cree's critically flawed, pedantic paper on Nage to Katame Ura Waza.    

    Ito sensei's book is the primary resource for anyone in Japan that teaches either the Nage or Katame ura waza.   De Cree misdescribed the close relationship between Mifune 10dan and Ito sensei.  Mifune sensei was a founding member and 10 dan / meijin of the International Martial Arts Federation: Ito sensei, a member of his juku (private school) was the Director, IMAF.  www.imaf.com  Mifune sensei was a strong supporter of Ito sensei and IMAF.  



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