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    Judo's 12 Precepts - Kanô Jigorô 1930


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    Judo's 12 Precepts - Kanô Jigorô 1930

    Post by NBK on Thu Jul 07, 2016 12:35 pm

    Here's a very rare writing by Kanô shihan, and I just took a (very!!) rough cut at a translation; it is very indirect and complex, and I don't have time now to wade through and translate the entire thing.  The below is simply a truncated paraphrasing.  

    It's a very short essay, really just a list in a small, obscure Showa era book.  The book was only printed in a small batch in a first edition, and by the time the second edition came out, the book had been completely reworked and this essay was replaced by a much longer essay by Kanô shihan and this disappeared.  

    The 'practicing' is 修行 shugyô, which the excellent www.jisho.org defines as:

    1. ascetic practices (Buddhist term)
    2. training; practice; discipline; study
    Wikipedia definition
    3. Sādhanā (Sanskrit साधन,Tib. སྒྲུབ་ཐབས་, druptap; Wyl. sgrub thabs) literally "a means of accomplishing something" is ego-transcending spiritual practice. It includes a variety of disciplines in Hindu, Sikh, Buddhist and Muslim traditions that are followed in order to achieve various spiritual or ritual objectives.

    柔道十二訓 Judo’s 12 Precepts - Kanô Jigorô

    Jûdô practice as Budô
    1. Practice kata and randori as carefully as if your opponent is armed with a live sword.
    2. Do not forget that the objective of jûdô study is to improve every day, not to win or lose.
    3. Jûdô practice is not limited to the dojo.

    Jûdô practice as Physical Exercise
    4. Avoid dangerous techniques and optimize your exercise to train your body.
    5. Do not neglect proper food, sleep and rest.
    6. Exercise correctly, not carelessly, in accordance with proper principles.

    Jûdô practice as Spiritual Training
    7. Conduct kata and randori with your best effort.
    8. Endeavor to practice not only with your powers of judgement, but also with your powers of intuition.
    9. It is necessary to consider others’ reactions to you in your self reflection.

    Jûdô principles applied to Daily Life as practice
    10. In the basics of your daily life, bear in mind the principle of ‘Seiryoku Zenyô Jita Kyôei’ .
    11. When faced with occasional inconsistencies in your teachings, keep in mind the principle of ‘Seiryoku Zenyô Jita Kyôei’.
    12. When faced with many pressures, even the daily necessities of life in mind, one by one consider your problems, keeping in mind the principle of ‘Seiryoku Zenyô Jita Kyôei’.

    Draft translation July 2016
    Lance Gatling, Director / Instructor, Embassy Judo
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    Re: Judo's 12 Precepts - Kanô Jigorô 1930

    Post by Reinberger on Thu Jul 07, 2016 7:38 pm

    Thank you!

    Kind regards, Robert

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    Re: Judo's 12 Precepts - Kanô Jigorô 1930

    Post by DougNZ on Thu Jul 07, 2016 8:49 pm

    Thank you for that very early gem.

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    Re: Judo's 12 Precepts - Kanô Jigorô 1930

    Post by Jonesy on Fri Jul 08, 2016 4:56 pm

    Thank you. Is there a full reference for the Kano writing please?

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    Re: Judo's 12 Precepts - Kanô Jigorô 1930

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