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    Partick Hickey - dope or shifter


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    Partick Hickey - dope or shifter

    Post by finarashi on Thu Aug 25, 2016 4:13 pm

    Whether he was just plain stupid, he was framed or everything is just a misunderstanding it seems that Patrick Hickey, one of the most powerful judoka in sports has tough times ahead.
    I met the guy in the early 1990s in EJU meetings and he seemed typical Irish at the time. His career after sports in NOC, OC, EOC, ... has been flashy and at 71 he is one of the highest ranking sports leaders holding a Judo black belt.

    But being a sports leader does not give you salary. Is this why ticket scalping happened. Was he involved. Is he finished as sports leader. There is yet several chapters to unfold for us to wonder.

    ... even professors make mistakes!

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