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    Judo Rules Starting 2017


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    Judo Rules Starting 2017

    Post by gester on Mon Dec 12, 2016 9:38 am

    If you're not attacking you're dancing, and if you're dancing you'd BETTER be leading!

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    Re: Judo Rules Starting 2017

    Post by NBK on Thu Dec 15, 2016 8:23 pm

    Big changes.
    Most look good.


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    Re: Judo Rules Starting 2017

    Post by NBK on Thu Dec 15, 2016 8:25 pm

    "Below is a summary of the new/revised rules:

    • Duration of contest
    - Men and women four (4) minutes. Respect for parity as wished by the IOC and fight time unity for the Olympic mixed team event. Only scores (technical scores) will decide a contest.

    • Golden score
    - In the case where there is no score(s), or scores are equal, the contest will continue in Golden Score.
    - Any score and/or penalties from regular time will remain on the score board.
    - The decision in the golden score is made by the difference of score or shido.

    • Evaluation of the points:
    - There will now only be ippon and waza-ari.
    - The value of waza-ari includes those given for yuko in the past.
    - The waza-ari do not add up. Two waza-ari are no longer the equivalent of ippon
    - Immobilisations (Osae Komi): Waza-ari 10 seconds, Ippon 20 seconds.

    • Penalties
    - There are now three shido, instead of previously four.
    - The third shido becomes Hansoku Make.
    - In order to simplify the refereeing and its understanding all the actions that have been punished in the past on how to grab the judogi (kumikata) will not more be penalized: pistol grip, 2 hands on the same side, fingers in the sleeve…
    - Kumikata will not be penalized as long as Tori is preparing an attack, but negative position will be penalised.
    - The time for taking a grip and making an attack is 45 seconds.
    - In case of a defensive attitude, shido will be given.
    - Leg grabbing or grabbing the trousers, shall be penalized first by shido and secondly by Hansoku Make.

    • Safety
    - The committee examined the rules with regard to safety to ensure that judo has as little trauma as possible. If Uke attempts to avoid landing on their back by any movement which is dangerous for the head, neck or spine, they shall be penalized with hansokumake. The competitor loses this contest, but can continue in the competition if applicable.
    - Not to set a bad example for young judoka, false breakfalls won’t be considered as valid actions. Falling on two elbows, the action is counted. Falling on one elbow, the action is not counted.
    - Anti judo is immediately penalized.

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    Re: Judo Rules Starting 2017

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