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    Mifune Kyūzō and his work



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    Mifune Kyūzō and his work

    Post by pipi on Wed Apr 19, 2017 3:40 am

    Hello guys,

    it is my first post here!
    To say right away, I am no jūdōka, but practice Karate and research its history, so I do not know much about the actual techniques in Jūdō. I am interested in Budō and Jūdō history however, particularly in Mifune Kyūzō 三船久蔵 as of now.

    During my research I found a staggering amount of material written by him, like the books:

    柔道一路 (Jūdō. One Way) - his autobiography
    柔道回顧録 (Jūdō memoirs) - again something autobiographical
    柔道講座 (Jūdō lectures) - I reckon something technical
    柔道の真髄 : 道と術 (The essence of Jūdō : way and technique) - probably a mix of philosophy and technique
    道と術 : 柔道教典 (Way and technique : Jūdō teaching guide) - see above
    三船名人 : アルバム集 (The master Mifune - An album collection)

    On top of that is an abundance of articles and all sorts of contributions to magazines and journals.

    The most famous book in English is "Canon of Judo" I believe, apart from that the rest seems hardly to be translated at all. Can anyone of the history experts tell me a reasons for this? Is it just not worth from a business perspective or is the Kōdōkan up for something? Mifune has a good reputation in Jūdō, hasn't he?
    Maybe the question seems weird but I was surprised that virtually nothing about him is available in English or any Western language.

    While I am at it, does anyone have suggestions for good books on Jūdō history? German, English, Japanese - it doesn't matter.

    Thanks for your time,

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