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    Judo Self-defense against Bully in street fight scenario

    johan smits

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    Re: Judo Self-defense against Bully in street fight scenario

    Post by johan smits on Fri Dec 22, 2017 5:49 pm

    Recently a few officers in Holland were found guilty. Big guy they were arresting put up a fight and they wrestled him down. Being a big guy it was quite a struggle.
    It is not exactly clear what has happened but big guy dies during struggle. Was all over the news here. Officers were not convicted but were found guilty, think they are going to appeal.

    Apart from that being prepared to follow up I agree with you. Maybe it is best to see such a throat check as an opening move. More or less as ' offensive action and defensive action are one' but then in a practical sense. Quite a few of the old, often somewhat stiff kata of koryu jujutsu teach worthhile mindset and actions.
    From the point of view of self protection these old styles could be a very interesting field for study for judoka.

    About confined spaces, I have found Yang style tai chi to have valuable tatics using the environment to control/do damage.

    Happy landings.

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