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    Jigoro Kano and his 3 visits Prague ( November 1912, September 1920, September 1936 )


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    Jigoro Kano and his 3 visits Prague ( November 1912, September 1920, September 1936 )

    Post by noboru on Fri Sep 07, 2018 11:48 pm

    Jigoro Kano visited Prague in Czechia today 3-times ( November 1912, September 1920, September 1936). His visists had other targets and it is interesting - first two were educational for him (education systems and physical education in Czech kindom (part of Austria-hungarian empire), latest Czechoslovakia) and last was education about judo. Below are more details from his visits.

    November 1912
    I found articles from 1912-11-09 (newspaper Narodní listy), 1912-11-25  (newspaper Narodní listy). There is info about visit of Kano Jigoro in Prague, Austrian-Hungarian monarchy this time other Czechia today. He traveled around european countries, in summer he was in July in Stockholm - IOC Meeting).

    There is info about invitation from czech IOC member (Mr. Jiri Guth Jarkovsky) to Prague. Kano Jigoro interested about czech body system education and group SOKOL ( czech national organization for body and mind improvement), he watched about young women practice. He saw Prague too, met with leadears of city and czechs members olympic commitee. He visited show in National Theatre in Prague. He attend to dinner in Jiri Guth Jarkovsky's home. He visited University in Prague - chemistry department  .
    Article 1912-11-09 (newspaper Narodní listy)

    Next 2 days he spent in czech mountains Krkonose with some czech olympic members and local people and did 2 days trip on the mountain - carriage ride - ( places Bedrichov -> Petrovka -> Divci Skaly -> Vysoke Kolo -> Snezne Jamy -> Hirschberg ).
    Article 1912-11-25 newspaper Narodni listy

    September 1920
    Mr. Kano Jigoro(IOC member and university principal in Tokio), Mr. Nagai Michiakira (professor of physical education from the same university), Mr. Watanuki Tetsuo (professor of sociology in the same university) visited Prague (Czechoslovakia). He interested a lot about Sokol organization czech national organization for body and mind improvement), about works and processes czechoslovak Ministry health and  physical education. They were accepted and visited by czechoslovak president Tomas Garryque Masaryk. Jigoro Kano has one speech in Prague english club (content of speech is unknown). They participated on the fest for new rector/leader of Charles university in Prague. They spent 3 days in Prague.
    1920-09-20 Narodni listy newspaper

    September 1936
    Japanese charge'd affaires in Prague in this time Mr. Noboru Ogawa (dan holder from Kodokan) invited Kano to Prague some time before and published some Kano article about sense and differencies betweenf judo and jiujitsu month before in czech newspaper. Jigoro Kano on the way from Olympic games in Berlin visited Prague (one or two days stayed here). He did speeach about judo in english in city library (1936-09-11). Speech is similar (very same with liitle differencies) as Kanos speech from 1932 from Los Angeles during olympic games. We have czech text of speech from Prague, I compare it from text from Los Angeles. It looks like that the Jigoro Kano added/inserted more explanation of Seiryoku Zen'yo / Ju no ri  in the next years.
    Next Kano Jigoro did some explanation of judo waza / princiles of kuzushi for czech judo pioneers, below is photo.  

    Here are links to some sources (photos, articles)
    Jigoro Kano visits:
    About his speech 1936-09-12 newspaper Lidove Noviny

    Kano explanation of judo principles with czechoslovak judo pioneers

    Photo with czechoslovak judo pioneers and Noboru Ogawa, etc. on train station

    Jigoro Kano short article in judo and jiujitsu (differences between them) published one month before Kanos visit

    October 1935
    Japanese chargeD affaires in Prague was great supporter of practising judo in Czechoslovakia. He taught alone there and invited judo teachers Sugiyama Kenji and Hatta Ichiro from Kodokan to 2 weeks judo teaching last year (October 1935) to Prague too.

    Hatta Ichiro and Sugiyama Kenji with czechoslovak judo pioneers (October 1935)

    About judo 2 weeks trainings in Prague, kyu gradings on the end

    Sugiyama has speech about judo and its ideals

    Sugiyama, Hatta, Ms. Mayer Sarah from England did big judo demonstration for public, police nad military in Prague. Mayer and Sugiyama showed Ju-no-kata. Hatta and Sugiyama showed Nage-no-kata, Katame-no-kata. They did shiai and randori together and agains czechoslovak judo pioneers)

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