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    Friend of mine needs help


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    Friend of mine needs help

    Post by kiti on Tue Mar 26, 2013 10:59 am

    Tina Ceccato, a friend of mine from when I used to take Taekwondo, posted this on her Facebook page:


    Hey Facebook friends!!! My Mother (Sandra Ceccato) and I are trying to raise money so my Father (Geno) can afford an initial payment for a life-saving surgery.

    In October of last year our family found out my Dad was gravely ill and his heart was and still is working at <25% of what it should be. He needs a triple and possibly quintuple bypass surgery as soon as possible.

    That was over six months ago, and up until now we have been trying to explore every option available. Given the current state of healthcare in our country, no insurance company will offer him coverage with his pre-existing conditions. He does not qualify for state Medicaid AND he's only 63 which means he is a year out on being eligible for Medicare. This puts him between a rock and a hard place.

    Currently there is one last insurance option for him which, while helpful, still requires an initial payment to the hospital for his life-saving bypass surgery.

    Sometimes our family members run into health problems which are incurable or inoperable. In this case, this surgery is safe, effective and can save my Father's life.

    Please help my Father afford this surgery so he can walk me down the aisle next year.

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