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    F*** the new rules, we want back the old rules !!

    Ben Reinhardt

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    Re: F*** the new rules, we want back the old rules !!

    Post by Ben Reinhardt on Thu Apr 04, 2013 7:28 am

    NYCNewbie wrote:As a (relatively) tall, thin guy, I never, ever went for leg picks but always got caught with 'em. Plus, I have this "leave the leg dangling out there"-type of Judo and as such would regularly get in trouble via leg grabs.

    And you know what? I despise the prohibition on leg grabs. I deserved every leg pick I got. I can't believe they'd do away with them!

    The main thing is: they're natural. They happen organically in fights. Judo is a fight. Not a fistfight, but a grappling fight- and grappling fights mean grappling, which means grabbing legs. Period.

    The whole thing makes me sad.

    Why do you think being tall and thin means you can't do ashi-tori attacks?

    Rules now may inhibit you, but don't limit yourself because of your realtive tall/thin stature. Long arms have longer reach...
    Q mystic

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    Re: F*** the new rules, we want back the old rules !!

    Post by Q mystic on Wed Apr 24, 2013 11:21 am

    Shorts. Sambo shorts would make allll the diff.

    No fan of the seoi to grab the leg an front roll yourself. But am a fan of defending the drop shot.

    No chance in hell of it happening but the sambo shorts on judoka would make judo fantastic and clean japanese style. Thats only what we see in mma from judoka even....where they wear shorts.

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